Fun Escalator Videos

There’s a blogger out there who loves escalators. She enjoys just watching or riding escalators. She is kind of an “escalator otaku”, I think ;D The spectacular SciFi-looking escalator in this photo below is one of her favorites. So cool, isn’t it? According to her, it’s the king of escalators in west Japan!


In Umeda Sky Building.


The biggest feature of these escalators is their positioning.
You go up to the 35th floor by an elevator, then ride the escalator.
Unbelievably, the great escalators go through the air!


Wow! What a spectacular view!


One day, she comes up with an interesting idea. “Wanna take movies of many escalators with an on-board (?) camera!”


I wonder if we can call this on-board? ^^;


The stage for the first challenge is here; Shiodome, Tokyo.


And here’s the movie she took. Quite fun!




Let’s keep going! The second stage is Yokohama city.  Red belts and curved glass bodies look old-fashioned. This type of escalator can be seen only in Japan.


Did you enjoy the curved glass ^^?



These are the shortest escalators in the world. You can see them in Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture.


Ow, really short LOL.



And next is this veeerry long one. When you want to see very long escalators, you should go to Oedo subway line in Tokyo. The line goes very deep under the ground, so the escalators are loooooong.


I like this!
The green spider’s web looking object makes this escalator look cool
and a little bit scary (it looks like a ruin in the future world), I think.




The last one is this gorgeous escalator in Yuraku-cho, Tokyo. Wow!


Don’t you think it looks like a kaleidoscope ^^?


According to this escalator otaku person, the steps of escalators are horizontal and have very few vibrations, so it is easy to take this kind of movie ^^. Why don’t you try it, if you love escalators? But watch out other people while shooting the video 😉


Source: Daily Portal Z

This is JAPAN Style!