What Steve Jobs Throws at Us

It was about 9AM on October 6 in Japan time. I read news about death of Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder.

I immediately went to the Apple website, which displayed a big picture of Steve Jobs on its top page.

I was very impressed by the picture of him posing with his left hand up to his chin, and looking hard at us over his glasses.



I was a university student when I first met Mac, which is about 20 years ago.

The cute apple logo and the startup sound were so catchy, and I fell in love with the computer right away. Since then, I have kept using Mac at office and home.

I remember that it often froze and stopped working in those days, so I messed around with the Control Panel and Extensions Files.

When it wouldn’t get fixed, I talked to and rubbed the Mac, and it sometimes got fixed by that. I thought “what a strange computer!” lol.


When I look at his picture, I feel that he is throwing questions at us.


“Are you sure that you are on the right path?”

“Are you doing what only you can do?”


I felt like he asked me so.

He had a dream. He changed his dream to reality. As a result of doing what only he could do, he made great achievements that remain in the hearts of people all over the world.


Everyone dies eventually.


Please allow me to share my feeling. Recently I am becoming very conscious about death. What I mean by “death” is not just about my death but death in general.

Considering my age and my elderly parents, I cannot help thinking deeply about my remaining life and the future of my family.

I don’t have time to do something that I don’t want to do.

I have to reach my goal that I like to do and only I can do in the shortest distance.

To me, japanstyle.info is the one. I want to make JapanStyle to be the world largest and famous Japanese information blog!

I am going to concentrate on what I should do and make the most of each day, so that when the last day comes someday, I can go peacefully.


At the point of Steve Jobs’ death, I made a fresh resolve.


Thank you for Mac, Mr. Jobs!