Shibuya Hairstyle Tips for Men – Part 2


Following yesterday’s “Shibuya Hairstyle Tips for Men – Part1,” I want to share more instruction videos for Japanese men’s hairstyles. Today’s videos are, Shibuya-Harajuku style and spiky hair.


“Shibuya-Harajuku Style”



Wet the hair and dry the top hair while pulling up.

Dry the hair around face while pulling it down.

Make outward waves with the back hair

Put some wax into the hair

Slick down the hair around face

Rub hair wax in your hands well and make small hair bundles

Finish with hair spray



“Spiky Hair”

You need: hair treatment, hair wax mat type, and hard hold hairspray.




Wet the hair and dry off with towel

Put a little hair treatment into the hair

Dry the hair with a dryer from back to front

Keep the hair around the face down

Make spikes with wax

Lastly, use hairspray to keep the shape


Halloween is coming soon, so if you want to be an anime character, why don’t you try these hair styles?



This is JAPAN Style!



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