Wasabi Stories vol.53: “Reality & Dream are different but Don’t give up”


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“Reality and dream are different but Don’t give up “

Today’s story teller is a French Canadian anime song singer [W:HIMEKA].

She debuted with the single “Asu e no Kizuna”, the theme of the anime series “[W:Valkyria Chronicles]”.


In the interview of a popular free paper for Business men, “R25”, she told the way she debuted as a singer in Japan.

She has loved Japanese anime since she was child, and to master Japanese anime songs, so she learned the words by looking up in dictionary.

Her favorite anime is “Sailor Moon”, and by the influence of the heroine Usagi Tsukino, she unconsciously started to eat a lot (^_^).


She was already 15 years old, she got the transformation brooch and secretly transformed in her room.

Finally she came to Japan for the first time in March 2008.


“I got working holiday visa and came to Japan just for the hope to ‘be an anime song singer!’ I was living by part-time job, and one day I found about The Animax Anison Grand Prix, which I challenged and won the grand prix. I wanted to be a heroine. Even when the reality is different from your wish, don’t bury the wish under dirt! Like anime, if you challenge with your courage and strong will, anyone can be a hero!”

R25  Jun/11/2009  by HIMEKA (anime song singer)


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