Nothing is Impossible Anymore?! Solo Wedding Experience of Japan

Wedding party… It is every girls’ dream to have a romantic party in beautiful dresses (yes, we typically select multiple dresses to put on the BIG DAY in Japan!!) with a prince charming. But what if you realise that no such things exist in a real world as you become older?? Or if your prince charming to be is a very realistic man with zero risk policy who doesn’t believe in marriage? Or what if you don’t have a partner to marry in the first place???


"Tomo Moriya" some rights reserved. flickr

“Tomo Moriya” some rights reserved. flickr


Well, fear not, ladies, because Japan has an excellent service to provide wedding party with no real partner for your experience only!

For those people who are happily married, it must sound unbelievably crazy. It’s solo wedding, so users are not legally marrying to anyone, but you can experience how it is like to have your own wedding party being single. As an option, service provider will provide you with “groom” acting person, but as it’s an option, you can certainly go without one…

But under what sort of occasion, people may use such a service?? Hmn, if you are determined to be a single forever but want to have a big party or just to comfort your old parents?? Or being married already but want to be in a big dress again? (Possible as taste in dress changes over a period of time.) Ah, it can be a gift from a loving husband to a wife without an option of groom actor??

Hmn, slight feeling of weirdness remains but I guess niche may grow big (and it’s not harmful, too), so it’s fine??


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Obviously, I’m not entirely sure, so I will be looking forward to hearing your view on this!!


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