Pilot Fountain Pen M Nib 18K Maki-e Lacquer (Red)

 japanese urushi pilot fountain pen red


This is a fountain pen decorated with “Makie” technique “kawarinuri” “singular lacquering”.

“Ishime” (“Pavement pattern”) is a fountain pen decorated with one of “Makie” techniques, “kawarinuri” (“singular lacquering”). “Kawarinuri” is a technique, in which various materials are used on the top lacquer layer and a special painting is used. “Ishime” (“Pavement pattern”) uses dry lacquer powder*, in which a fine pavement stone pattern is created.



* A layer of lacquer (painted on a glass plate and dried) is ground in a grinding pot finely.
* Pen nib: M 18 gold
* Pen holder: Cap: Yellow copper, colored lacquer, dried lacquer powder
* Size: The largest diameter 14.3mm
* Total length: 137mm
* With converter

japanese urushi pilot fountain pen red japanese urushi pilot fountain pen red
 japanese urushi pilot fountain pen red  japanese urushi pilot fountain pen red


[About Lacquered (Maki-e) Fountain Pens]

In the early 20th century, the penholder of fountain pens was made of ebonite, which would in time change to brown and lose luster. After years of study, we focused on durability of lacquer ware, and developed the material applicable for fountain pens. We named it lacquernite and obtained patents in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and France, enhancing the fame of Pilot Fountain Pens. In addition, we furnished them with Maki-e, a Japanese traditional lacquer art, for the European and American market of the high-end fountain pens. In 1926, Mr. Gonroku Matsuda, who later become a professor of Tokyo University of Arts and living national treasure, joined the company as a Maki-e instructor, organizing the manufacturing group named “Kokkokai” with more than 80 Maki-e artists, in-house or not, and instructed them for improvement of designs and skills. Keeping the legacy of that time, the Maki-e artists of today carefully finish the pens, one by one, with their accumulated skills under the name of “Kokkokai.”


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