Wasabi Stories vol.43: “Happiness of Meeting a Great Teacher”


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“Happiness of Meeting a Great Teacher”

Today’s story teller is a singer-songwriter, Yasuyuki Ohno.

He belonged to a basketball club when he was in junior high-school and the teacher who was coaching the team was really scary.

While his twin brother captained the team, Ohno wasn’t good at sports, so he couldn’t keep up with their practice and never could be in the game members.

The person who saved him from having the inferiority complex was the scary teacher.

One thing Ohno had confidence in himself was the loudness of his voice, so even he couldn’t play in games, he cheered the team with considerable spirit.

One day, after a game, the teacher said to him,

“Your cheering is great! We won because your voice is loud.”


Ohno was impressed by the teacher who cared and watching even such minor things.

Although the teacher was strict, the team deeply trusted him.

Under the teacher, the basketball team got really strong, and when it was one more step to the Prefecture Competition, the teacher suddenly got transferred.
The teammates weren’t noted in advance, and they were just upset about it.

Right after the teacher left, they went to the clubroom and saw a bug piece of paper spread over the floor written,

“To have and realize dream, we go for it everyday.”

Ohno’s word

“That was the teacher’s message for us. It’s like a drama but it made everyone cry. I think now I can write songs thanks to the teacher’s word. ”

The NIKKEI May/28/2009 by Yasuyuki Ohno (singer-songwriter)


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