Let’s Make Taiyaki at Home – Part 2


[Check the Previous Story!]  Our blogger Mr. B purchased a ‘taiyaki’ iron, and his first mission (baking a regular taiyaki beautifully) was completed successfully.

Now Mr. B comes up with another project. “Let’s make some unique taiyaki!”


The first unique taiyaki is made only with ‘anko’ (sweet read bean paste).
All you need is anko



The entire process consists of stuffing the iron with anko and baking.


Uh-oh (*_*)! Look at this! It’s like a fossil…


The excavated fossil (^^;


Mr. B on the taste test. The ‘anko taiyaki’ doesn’t look too yummy,
but he seems pretty happy with it.
Must be oishii (delicious).


The second unique taiyaki begins like this.


It looks very normal.


But wait! Mr. B is slicing it in half, longways.


Maybe these two pieces of taiyaki dough remind you of something.
Think of it. Nothing coming to mind?
Then look at the next photo!


A sandwch! ‘B’ for bacon and ‘L’ for lettuce, and ‘T’ for….?


Taiyaki! A BLT sandwich! Looks good, doesn’t it?


But Mr. B looks gloomy.
According to him, the sweet batter and salty bacon don’t go together well, LOL.
I think he should have made the batter unsweetened.


The last unique taiyaki is a ‘takoyaki’ (octopus ball) version.
It’s somewhat confusing, but he is trying to make
fish-shaped ‘takoyaki’ with a taiyaki iron.



For the batter, mix up soup stock, egg, and a bit of salt. And apply some flour.


Pour the batter into the iron.


Add some previously boiled and diced octopus,
red ginger and chopped long onion.



Add some batter into the other side of iron too,
and put the both sides together.


So far it still looks like a normal taiyaki.


But once you apply some thick brown takoyaki sauce and aonori (seaweed) flakes on them,
they become ‘fish-shaped takoyaki’!


Mr. B seems really happy!
If you have a chance to get a taiyaki iron, do it.
Then you can make plenty of creative fish shaped treats!


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!