10 J-Pops that Cheer Japan Up


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This is the chart of “songs that cheers me up” surveyed by TSUTAYA online.

In this chart, let me introduce a little bit of each song’s lyric in English.


#1: Makenaide by ZARD
“Don’t be defeated. Keep running a little more till the end. Even we are apart, my heart is by your side. Follow the far dream.”


#2: Nandodemo by DREAMS COME TRUE
“Failed 10000 times and I’m exhausted but it may change at the 10001th time. ”
“Failed 10000 times and there is no hope but there Is the 10001th time.”


#3: TOMORROW by Mayo Okamoto
“You can get stronger as much as the number of tears. Like a flower blooms on asphalt. Don’t be scared of everything you see. Tomorrow comes for you.”



#4: Sekaini Hitotsudake no Hana by SMAP
“We are all the only flower in the world. Each one has different seed. We just do our best to bloom own flower.”
“Small flower, big flower. There is no one same as another. You don’t have to be the number (top) one because you are more, more special, the only one. ”


#5: Owarinaki Tabi by Mr. Children
“Behind the closed door, there must be something new is waiting and moving me. Good things not always happen but I want to knock the next door. The never ending journey to look for the bigger me.”


#6: Baby Don’t Cry by Namie Amuro
“So baby don’t be sad. Sometimes thinking doesn’t help to understand. Even in a hard time, somewhere on the way in front of you, there should be hope.”


#7: Eiko eno kakehashi by Yuzu
“There was the tear not shown anybody. The tear I shed alone.”
“After getting over various days, I gained now. So I just go without wandering to the bridge of glory.”


#8: Tabidachi no uta by Mr. Children
“The song of starting off. Where shall I go? We’ll see each others sometime somewhere. When I get confused who I am, I talk to you. But even you hear me, you don’t have to answer me…”


#9: Nantoka narusa by NEWS
“Things gonna work out. Don’t worry. Let’s just go this way straight as wind blows, as you feel. It’s alright if you advance. It’s gonna be good weather tomorrow. ”


#10: Ketsui noasa ni by Aqua Timez
“If I am going to bother to do, I’ll draw a clumsy dream -clumsy loving funny dream.”
“I wish I could say ‘it is hard’ when I am in a hard lot but we are the weak who bluff. I pretend to be ok when I feel lonely to protect myself from falling down.”

Music is always a great cure to get over a hard time, don’t you think?

Although the songs above are in Japanese, they may be helpful to cheer you up, so if you are interested in any song, check it on Youtube or iTune!

Reference: TSUTAYA online


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