Magical Greeting Words


Since the quake, there has been a tendency to restrain regular TV commercials. Stations replaced regular TV commercials with ones by a nonprofit organization called AC Japan. Just some existing public service announcements were broadcast again and again and again…. These were originally made for heartwarming or instructive purposes. However, people sensitive to the disaster began to feel the repeated TV spots were an inappropriate choice. AC Japan was inundated with complaints.

One of the public service announcements is “Magical Greeting Words”.



Konnichiwa / KonnichiWAN : Konnichiwa (hello) + wan (baw)

Arigatou / ArigatoUSAGI : Arigatou (thank you) + usagi (rabbit)

Konbanwa / KonbanWANI : Konbanwa (good evening) + wani (alligator)

Sayonara / SayonaRAION : Sayonara (goodbye) + raion (lion)

Mahou no kotoba de  (with magical words)

Tanoshii nakama ga (Happy friends will appear)

Popopopoooon! (Just an onomatopoeia for new friends to show up)


Ohayou / OhayoUSAGI : Ohayou (good morning) + usagi (rabbit)

Itadakimasu / ItadakiMAUSU : Itadakimasu (let’s eat) + mausu (mouse)

Ittekimasu / IttekimaSUKANKU : Ittekimasu (I’m going) + sukanku (skunk)

Tadaima / TadaiMANBOU : Tadaima (I’m home) + manbou (ocean sunfish)

Gochisosama / GochisosaMAUSU: Gochisosama (that was delicious) + mausu (mouse)

Oyasuminasai / OyasuminaSAI : Oyasuminasai (good night) + sai (rhino)

Suteki na kotoba de (With wonderful words)

Yukai na nakama ga (Fun friends will appear)

Popopopoooon!  (onomatopoeia)


Konnichiwa / KonnichiWAN : Konnichiwa (hello) + wan (baw)

Arigatou / ArigatoUSAGI : Arigatou (thank you) + usagi (rabbit)

Aisatsu suru tabi (Every time you use the magical greeting word,)

Tomodachi fueru ne (You can see a new friend )


“Magical Greeting Words” was made for a campaign held last year to encourage small children to learn greeting words. Repeated  “Magical Greeting Words” also made sensitive people uncomfortable, but nevertheless it became very topical and popular. “I like ArigatoUSAGI!” “Popopopooon caught my ear!” “What’s Popopopooon!? I’m really curious.” And now, many other funny versions are also uploaded on YouTube. Let me introduce some of them.


Great “ArigatoUSAGI” version


Club remix version?



Fun, isn’t it ^^? I think it is important to have the spirit to try to find something enjoyable even during hard situations.


This is JAPAN Style!