Wasabi Stories vol.29: “The Society and School that We Should Build”


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wasabi stories“The Society and School that We Should Build”

Today’s story teller is a nonfiction writer, Hazuki Saishou.

It is about “interview with children”, which she says it’s difficult.

There are two reasons of the difficulty.

1. Children don’t understand the meaning of them appearing on the media.

2. Children tend to service interviewers. When the media report a disaster, the victim children get used to be on the media, and their spirits of service get vigorous to entertain the interviewers. Sometimes there are “falsehoods” in their words; therefore, the interviewers must be really careful.

In such difficult interviews with children, she has an unforgettable conversation with a child.

When the Kobe serial children murder happened, she interviewed with the junior high school students who are at the murderer’s age.

She asked heavy questions such as how they thought about killing people, if they had ever had suicidal wish.

After the interview, she was thrown an unexpected question by a girl.


“How come did you chose this career?”


To such sudden question, only the answer came up in her mind was “ because I wanted to do.”

Hearing the response, the girl said “I think if I found what I want to do and what I can enjoy, I wouldn’t think about killing people or suicide.

So, I wish everyone discuss about it and make the society and school that enable everyone to find what they want to do and enjoy.”

Saisho’s words.

“The 12 years old girl’s word still remains in my heart. She said that after she saw the work of mental health counselors who listens to sufferers, she wanted to take job that she listens to people. I wonder if her dream became true. I want to see her again.”

The NIKKEI Apr/23/2009 by Hazuki Saisho (Nonfiction writer)


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