Bags Emerge From Manga World?


Look at the image above. It looks like the synthesis of a photographed woman and an illustrated cartoon bag. But it’s not. Amazingly, the bag is also real! You can’t believe it? I understand (^_-) I also had my doubts when I first saw it.

OK. Let’s check out another image.



The bag still appears flat and lacking dimension, like it came out of the 2-D “manga” world. The more you look at the bag, the flatter it seems (^^;



This is another bag from the different angle. Maybe now you can believe this is not flat. These bags, from the 2010 “JumpFromPaper” series, are produced by Taiwanese designers Chay Su and Rika Lin in. The line has been sold worldwide (in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Australia, and some European countries) and is finally now available in Japan.

An online shop called “fu-bi” began selling this “JumpFromPaper” series in October. There are seven design variations, and the prices range from ¥5,980~7,980 (US$77~103). They might not look practical, but actually these bags have many handy pockets for keeping notebooks, a mobile phone, a wallet, keys, and even a tablet computer such as an iPad.  Not only are these bags unique, they are also quite functional! 😉


Source: fu-bi website and


This is JAPAN Style!