The Most Kawaii Cosplay Costumes Ever!

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Today I would like to share some super KAWAII cosplay costumes! Most girls, even if they are not interested in cosplay, will love them all.. These  are sold as “the fairy tale cosplay collection” at FELISSIMO (haco.), one of the most popular Japanese mail order service.  Each dress features an aspect of the fairy tale world and can be worn on regular days as well, so it might not be good enough cosplay purists. In other words, these must be perfect for cosplay beginners 😉


1) Thumbelina

h38_journai_cosplay_a_cs3_ol  h38_journai_cosplay_a_cs3_ol



2) Pinocchio

h38_journai_cosplay_a_cs3_ol   hacoitem02




3) Rapunzel

hacoitem03 h38_journai_cosplay_a_cs3_ol



4) Anne of Green Gables

h38_journai_cosplay_a_cs3_ol h38_journai_cosplay_a_cs3_ol


5) Beauty and the Beast


h38_journai_cosplay_a_cs3_ol h38_journai_cosplay_a_cs3_ol


FELISSIMO adapts a unique (and a bit complicated) shopping system. You choose a particular collection you like, and one product from that collection is shipped to you every month. You never know which item you will get until your order is delivered. It’s fun, but also frustrating at the same time (^^;)… FELISSIMO has an English website as well, so please read it through carefully before making a purchase!



Author: Junko

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