Ibaraki, the Least Attractive Prefecture?

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According to the recent survey (2013), Ibaraki was selected as the least attractive prefecture in Japan. People seem to think that Ibaraki has next to nothing attractive. This survey of prefectural beauty has been conducted yearly since 2009, so the 2013 was the fifth edition – and the fourth time for Ibaraki to come in dead last. It seems they have established a definite position! Ibaraki is now so desperate that they have revamped their official website in quite a curious way. It is understandable that they want to show off something attractive about their prefecture, but this campaign looks rather one-dimensional (^^;

Ibaraki has adopted the lotus roots as its prime symbol. The homepage of their official website now features a huge image of lotus roots, with captions stating that “The future of lotus roots depends on Ibaraki!”,  and “If Ibaraki disappeared, a lotus root crisis would be inevitable!”, as well as the plea “Don’t make fun of Ibaraki!” Yes, lotus roots taste so good, and I love them. But sill… I guess most people would ask, “Well, is lotus root really that important?”lol

Even in Ibaraki, there must be many other attractions worth considering such as natto, natto, and natto… OMG! I can’t think of anything but natto and lotus roots (T_T)


Source: Netlab

Author: Junko 

This is JAPAN Style!