B-LABO: Antique English Vocabulary Cards for Students

– What’s B-LABO? Who’s Bungu-o? –



The king of stationery (Bungu-o), Masayuki Takabatake, obtained something interesting at an antique fair. A box full of cards. Looks really old. But what are these cards for? Let’s take a closer look at the box itself.

The lid reads “STUDENTS’ CARDS of ENGLISH VOCABULARY / PUBLISHED BY THE SANSEIDO CO.,LTD.” Oh, I see. These cards are for students to memorize English words and phrases. Sanseido is a very renowned Japanese dictionary publisher.



The metal body of the box has become quite rusty, and some of the rusty residue has stained the edges of the cards. But the paper is in good condition, not brittle at all. The text on the cards is clear, no problem reading the contents. The letters are written in an old-fashioned classic-looking font. The expressions also might be old-fashioned. Do students study English the same way now as they did back then? 🙂


Source: B-LABO


This is JAPAN Style!