Whom Are We Proud of? Japan’s Choice 5 World Famous Japanese


A small island country, Japan. The unique culture and long history have gained attentions from other countries. In recent years, Japanese manga, anime, and game have especially been highly appreciated. Along with the popularity, the creators are getting known in the world.

“goo ranking” searched whom in the Japan’s art field the Japanese proud of the most. The following is the top 5 people.


#1 Hayao Miyazaki

Academy awarded Animator and film director. He founded Studio Ghibli, an animation studio and production company, which succeeded with the films “My Neighbor Totoro,” “Spirited Away,” “Princess Mononoke,” and so on.


“Spirited Away” Trailer



#2 Takeshi Kitano

Film director, screen writer, comedian, actor, and painter. JAPAN Style has covered his stories. To see them, please click the titles below.

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#3 Ken Watanabe

Academy Award nominated actor. He played roles in US films “Letters from Iwo Jima” “The Last Samurai”, “Batman Begins,” and “Inception”.

JAPAN Style posted his interview with the NIKKEI. To read it, please click “Clench your teeth and keep digging one point.”


#4 Seiji Ozawa

Multi awarded conductor, music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and principal conductor of the Vienna State Opera.




#5 Ryuichi Sakamoto

Academy Award-winning musician.




He is also working on tree-planting campaign. You can read about it in JAPAN Style’s previous post, “Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions — A Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto’s approach.”


In June 2010, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry established “Cool Japan Room” to promote Japanese culture including anime, fashion, and food to the world. Having this governmental backup, the excellent Japanese creators will get known better in the world.


Source: goo ranking


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