How to Fix Scratched CDs/DVDs

Do you have any scratched CD or DVD that doesn’t read the data? You can take them to repair shops, but wait a minute, there are some ways to fix scratched discs at home. A Jpanese life tips website Tui Tui (link below) gathered some information on how to fix scratched discs. Let’s check them out!

Note: Follow the solutions provided below at your own risk.



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– Put in Refrigerator

Put a scratched disc into a refrigerator for a couple of hours. Take it out and dry it well.
This solution doesn’t actually erase the scratch, but it makes the condition of the disc “better.”
Source: ideami


– Use Banana Skin

Polish a scratched disc with the inner part of a banana skin.
Wipe the disc with soft cloth, and spray glass cleaner and wipe off with soft cloth.
Source: gigazine


– Use Toothpaste

Polish a scratched disc with stain removing toothpaste first, and then polish it with regular toothpaste. Clean the dist with soft cloth.
Source: 84ism


– Use Tissue Paper

It is very simple. Rub a scratched disc radially (do not draw circles) with tissue paper.
Source: Quiz Himatsubushi


– Use Rubbing Compound

Use rubbing compound! It is for car scratches, but it works on discs too.
Source: Oira-no-ichizon!


Whichever you choose to try, clean and dry the disc well before putting it into a player!! Be careful not to mess up your important disc or player.


Source: Tui Tui


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