Mayonnaise Imprint Technique for Bento

Using low-calorie mayonnaise, you can draw pictures on crepe-style fried egg!



This technique was shared in a Japanese recipe sharing website, COOKPAD.
Recipe by みっこぶー


“Mayonnaise Imprint Technique for Bento”


Ingredients: Low-calorie mayonnaise, egg, and salt. The best mayonnaise for this recipe is Kewpie 1/2 Mayonnaise. Regular mayonnaise is unsuited for this technique because it may be too oily and melt.



1. Draw pictures or letters on non-stick pan with mayonnaise. Remember, your drawing will be reversed on egg. If you want draw thin lines, put mayonnaise into a ketchup dispenser.


2. Heat the pan till the mayonnaise gets burned.

3. Beat egg(s) with a pinch of salt. When the mayonnaise turned dark brown, put the egg into the pan carefully. Make it thin.

4. When the egg cooked, turn the fire off and turn the egg over to cook the other side with the remaining heat.

5. Wrap seasoned rice, noodle or whatever with the egg! It will be perfect for bento!


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