Beauty Rate in Office is 16%??

Beautiful looking people always catch our attention regardless of their gender, and this is almost helpless reaction for human beings…

Today, I found rather bitter article, written by a female writer on such reaction of male toward beautiful women.

I bet there are quite a lot of men who can’t just take their eyes off from lovely ladies, but it seems this writer found that such an occasion is not that rare. From this fact, she started wondering how many ladies are actually categorised as ‘beauties’.  In order to see the truth, she decided to check beauty rate in office as well as in friendship.

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Well, fair enough?? (・v・)  I’m a bit curious about possible outcome though.

As a result of survey with 300 male employees, aged between 25 and 34, she figured out that male found 16% of female in their office beautiful. In other words, 1 in 6 female in office can be seen as beauty!

Wow, I’m not sure whether that is fair judgement or not, but it sounds like you can find beautiful ladies quite easily??

On the other hand, survey revealed that 44% female friends of male can be beautiful girls. And the writer assumed that men may intentionally choose beautiful girls for their friends!!


Ouch… (> <)  Really?  Friendship is not all about appearance, is it??   I’m not entirely sure about the true logic behind here, but anyone has particular opinion on this??

I will be looking forward to hearing from you!  😛


Source: web R25


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