Japan x France Love Story

Japanese tend to long for Europe and European culture, and France is not an exception. Paris, Mont San Michael and Nice are some of Japanese favourite trip destination.


"fumi" some rights reserved. flickr

“fumi” some rights reserved. flickr


And of course, food, wine, fashion, art and culture…  I guess it is safe to say that every single thing about France grab the eye of Japanese and doesn’t let us go.  We (or at least, I) tend to think such a feeling can be one-way love, but it seems this is not a case!!  I found a documentary under the theme of friendly relation between Japan and France.  It is a bit long, but you see how much people of each country like the other 🙂



Aww, it is really nice to know that what people overseas think about us like this.  I particularly liked cassoulet party bits near the end.  Good points of Japan and France are explained from both Japanese and French point of view, so it is interesting to watch, I guess.  I was also impressed that young Japanese girl speaking very fluent French!!  (Yes, my second foreign language was indeed French and I miserably failed…(w_-;))


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