Sometimes the Old Ways are the Best! Rekindling of Moxibustion in Japan

O-kyu or Moxibustion is one of traditional medical treatment in Asia, and Japanese have traditionally been taking advantages of the treatment for a very long time.  As it involves a certain level of heat while burning moxa cones on your skin, and there are many of other types of generic medications available nowadays, more and more people use generic medicines instead of going through a pain of having moxa treatment.  However, it seems Japanese health/ natural way of living conscious women started to reconfirm the wisdom of old traditional treatment.


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I believe people generally have an impression that moxibustion is for old people, and people avoid it when they hear it involves heat.  I’ve seen my father giving my mother a moxa treatment when I was a child as she had a very bad shoulder pain, but having seen her complaining the heat of moxa cone, I don’t think I will fancy one if there is other options.  But it seems a moxa treatment book for beginners have been making a good sale, and even been reprinted!  Surprisingly, top customers are not elderly people, but female in 20s to 40s who are very nature and health conscious.

Moxa cones are made of mugwort, and 40-60 degrees of heat brings mild effect into deep inside of your skin, and yes the heat can be a bit hot.  But the cones increase so-called heat shock protein in your body and improve your body immune capability.  Depending on the location you apply a cone, it may cure constipation, low blood pressure, baldness (!) and other symptoms, but more importantly, there is a case that breech position of baby was sorted out by moxa treatment!

Personally speaking, I feel uncomfortable with over 42 degree bath, so I’m not sure if I can bear with 60 degrees moxa treatment on my skin, but if this will cure long-term conditions, I guess I can understand why people are up for it^^  Hmn, maybe I should try one to prove that I’m a big boy now??


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