Being Nicknamed By Foreigners


Her name is Kosakai, and she has more than ten nicknames. Wow, so many!

The most popular (?) one is “Kazuki” just because there is a famous Japanese comedian whose last name is also Kosakai (^^; Her nicknames are all Japanese or Japan-related, and she wants to have some lovely foreign nicknames as well.



So now, she decides to ask foreigners to nickname her in Asakusa, a mecca for foreign visitors. Let’s take a look at how it goes!


She must be Italian. “Excuse me!” Actually, she is Irish. Ms. Kosakai asks her, “Nickname me, please.”


The first nickname she got is…… (drumroll!)


Bunny! So cute!!


Her nickname from high school days was “wolf”, so “bunny” is much more lovely (^^)v  Also, it sounds lucky and happy because 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit.

[Points] ★★

[Reason] It’s a very cute nickname, buy she is too shy to say,”Hi. call me bunny!”


A group of three from Malaysia. They seem to find it fun to nickname her.


The name they’ve decided is……




It sounds beautiful, but I wonder what it means. According to them, Malati is the name of a flower like white jasmine. How lovely!

[Points] ★★★★★

[Reason] Because it’s so cute!


Now, she asks a blonde Australian couple. They consider the task very seriously.


And then…?


Ta-daa! Becky.


Hmmm. Kind of normal, isn’t it? The reason why they chose this name is because they have a lovely and sweet friend, Becky, who is similar looking to Ms. Kosakai.

[Points] ★

[Reason] Because she is quite suspicious if their friend, Becky, is really “lovely and sweet”.


Ms. Kosakai finds another couple. They are also Australian and also think very hard.


And the nickname from them is…


Lucie. Sounds quite normal again. Don’t you think so?


According to the couple, they also have a friend who is similar looking to Ms. Kosakai. Hmmm. There are two women like Ms. Kosakai in Australia.

[Points] ★

[Reason] Because Lucie sounds like a very common Western name.


These are very favorable Algerians. Wonder why he is wriggling? Maybe this is the way he thinks.


And her nickname is…


Misterieuse (Mysterious).


It’s because she looks very mysterious to them and seems like she has something on her mind.

[Points] ★★★★

[Reason] Because she is quite happy to seem mysterious!


A couple of a Japanese woman and a Mexican man. He thinks very carefully. Hmmm………..


While he is thinking very very carefully, his girlfriend has made a decision very very quickly!




Chiquita means “small”, and Ms. Kosakai is small. That’s why Chiquita!

[Points] ★★★★

[Reason] Because she likes the sound when she says “Chiquita!”


She assumes they are Chinese, but two out of four are Chinese Canadian, and the others are Chinese.


So, she asks them to write her nickname in both English and Chinese.


The first Chinese letter means “small”, and the second one is “cat”,
so these two letters end up meaning “kitty”.


[Points] ★★

[Reason] People will imagine Hello Kitty from this nickname, but she can never beat the worldwide popular mascot character.


A French man with a gorgeous camera. He speaks Japanese a little.


The first nickname he gave her is “Blacky” because she is wearing a black coat. But later, he changes his mind.


Veuve Noire! I can’t pronounce, though….


According to him, “Veuve Noire” is a kind of spider, and the English name is “black widow”.

[Points] ★★★

[Reason] The sound of the French word is very cool, but later she finds that Veuve Noire is a kind of poisonous spider.


A family from Sri Lanka. The mother thinks of Ms. Kosakai’s nickname.


Wow, I can’t read Sri Lankan letters,
but “Hansika” is her nickname this time.


Actually, Hansika is the older daughter’s name and the family gave it to Ms. Kosakai. And it means “swan” in Sri Lankan. The mother also wrote down Shakila which is the younger daughter’s name. And Shakila means “beauty”. The two daughters have wonderful names (^^)

[Points] ★★★★

[Reason] She is really happy because they gave her their daughter’s name.


~Side Story~

She finds a Japanese old man who seems very bored. He says, “I have a lot of time, but am not bored.”


OK. He has time anyway, so let’s ask him to nickname her.


Akemi….sounds like the kind of professional name used by bar hostesses.


And actually the nickname does originate from his favorite bar hostess (^^;

So if you see Ms. Kosakai around, call her one of these nicknames!


Source: Daily Portal Z



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