SIMROID: Dental Patient Android


“Simroid”, a dental patient android with a realistic appearance, was demonstrated at this month’s Tokyo International Robot Exhibition 2011. Simroid was developed to allow dental students better practice in communicating with patients. Her appearance and movements look very realistic. Even the inside of her mouth (texture of her teeth, tongue, inside of cheeks, etc.) is convincingly constructed.

Simroid can move following the dentist’s directions and answer questions (many patterns for the answers are programmed). The interior of her mouth is equipped with sensors which alert trainees if they are causing pain. For example, if the trainee were to touch a nerve while drilling, Simroid says “ouch!” and raises her left hand. Watch this video (^^)



She looks like a real patient, doesn’t she? She can follow the dentist’s directions very properly; “Open your mouth”>> she opens her mouth. “Turn left” >> she turns left.

Also the dentist and Simroid can have a conversation like this; “Ouch!” “Does it hurt?” “Yes, it hurts.” (When anesthesia is administered, she speaks in a muffled voice!) After the practice sessions,  results measured by the sensors can be reviewed for analyzed.


Source: Net Labo


This is JAPAN Style!