Worldwide Appeal of Japanese Mayo

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In 2010, Japan’s Kewpie mayonnaise became the best selling mayonnaise on Amazon USA. People loves its versatility and enthusiastically praise it in reviews. Mayonnaise is easy to find in most countries, as it is one of the most universal condiments worldwide. Of course, there is also a variety of domestic mayonnaise brands in America. Nevertheless, plenty of Americans are opting for Kewpie, the pricier Japanese mayo. It’s likely worth the expense. Kewpie mayonnaise is popular in Japan as well, boasting a 60% market share.

Today, I would like to share with you the secret of its deliciousness.


1. Egg

Kewpie mayo uses only yolks, whereas other major ones use whole eggs. Exclusively using yolks makes the taste and texture more thick and creamy.


2. The bottle

Most mayonnaise brands in other con tries are bottled or come in jars, but the Kewpie mayo comes is packaged in soft polyethylene tubes. This special package is one of the clues to keep mayonnaise fresh longer.


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Japanese mayo tube with a special  star-shaped nozzle



3. Vinegar

Mild rice vinegar is used in making Kewpie mayonnaise. Distilled vinegar, which is common in America, tastes more sour.


4. Umami (pleasant savory taste)

Umami is one of our five basic tastes that humans react to, and a very important element in making foods more delicious. In Japan the study of umami has developed since it was scientifically discovered in 1908. (More about umami >> wikipedia) For mayonnaise as well, amino acid as umami is added.

For the above reasons, Japanese mayonnaise can be a good match with a variety of food, so much that it even attracts people overseas. If you haven’t sampled Japanese mayonnaise, give it a try! You are sure to become fascinated 😉




Author: Junko


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