Gundam + Monk + Kyoto = Okonomiyaki Restaurant !?

Do you know okonomiyaki?


It’s a popular Japanese food that has been loved over 400 years.

It’s simply described as a pizza-like pancake.

Wide varieties of ingredients and toppings are used for okonomiyaki.



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When I was looking on the internet for the best okonomiyaki restaurants, I found a unique one which features Japanese popular anime “Gundam” and a Japanese monk Koubou-Daishi.



The restaurant’s name written in kanji says “Zeon Koukoku (Principality of Zeon)”, which is after “Zeon” in Gundam.

They even named some of their okonomiyaki menus after Gundam terms such as GOUF, Z’GOK, BYG-ZAM and so on.

Since the restaurant is located in the area closely connected with Koubou-Daishi, there are Koubou related okonomiyaki on the menu too.

By taking anime and the monk materials, the restaurant seems to create a mysterious atmosphere.

It must be the same in other countries, but any business can’t survive unless it has its “originality”.

This restaurant attract customers by a strange combination of okonomiyaki + Gundam + Koubou-Daishi.

It has “originality” for sure; I can say that there is no restaurant that is exactly like this one.

If you visit Kyoto, why don’t you try their Gundam or Koubou menus!!


Information: Okonomiyaki Restaurant “Zeon Koukoku”


This is JAPAN Style!


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