Kawaii! Sold over 53 million Fashion Doll Licca-chan


Licca-chan doll

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ricca-chan doll

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Young children to elders, almost everyone knows Licca-chan the fashion doll in Japan.

It was released in 1967 by Japanese toy company Takara, and by the 40th anniversary in 2007, Licca dolls had sold over 53 millions.


Just like other fashion dolls, she has cutest clothes and there are her family and friends dolls, doll houses and places to hang out for Licca are sold.

In the variety of Licca related goods, the most unique Licca doll is the “Maternity Licca” released in 2001.

Literally, she has big bump on her belly but a baby doesn’t come with the set.

When the purchaser sent a post card attached with the package to Takara, they sent the purchaser a baby doll and a key to unlock Licca’s bump!!



This is JAPAN Style!


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