AKB48 — Mega Japanese Idol Group of 48 Girls



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Whether you believe or not, there is an idol group consists of 48 girls in Japan.

The group’s name is AKB48, and it was named after their home ground Akiba (Akihabara’s short name).

The concept of the group is “the idol you can go see”, and they have their own theater in Akihabara and perform almost everyday.


Last year, they had concert in New York, Paris and Cannes.

The producer of the group, Yasushi Akimoto said to MSN Japan, “Recently, sales of movies and music are decreasing but that of concerts is increasing. Considering that, I aim the entertainment that goes on in the future. They can’t sing or dance like the top stars but their charms can impress the audience by just standing on the stage in school costume. Making the audiences react like ‘What’s this??’ leads this business to meet victory.”

MV “Seifuku ga jama wo suru” AKB48



This is JAPAN Style!


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