Charismatic Station Master Cat, TAMA !


While many people have lost their job during this recession, there is a cat who was officially installed as a station master in Japan.



Charismatic Station-Master, TAMA. (C) Takobou


Station-Master, TAMA. (C) Sanpei


Since 2007, Tama, the station-master cat has been working at Kishi station in Kinokawa, [W:Wakayama Prefecture].

Tama is a cat of a kiosk in the station, and the other calico cats and she have been always the stars of the station.

Her main job is to welcome the passengers. Her salary is paid in cat food, of course 😮


She surely does her work right.

After she was installed, the sales of the railway company increased because many tourists visit the small station to see Tama and buy the various merchandise of Tama.

There is even Tama painted train!

“Tama on CNN”


This is JAPAN Style!


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