Monkey Performance by Yuriariku


When you turn on TV during New Year Holidays in Japan, you will notice that many performance shows are given on different channels. From traditional performance art to new style comedy skits, various types of performers cheer the New Year spirit.

One of the smile bringing performances is Saru-mawashi, which means “monkey performance.” Not only do the monkeys show their impressive tricks, but also they make the audiences laugh with comedy skits.

Here are some videos of monkey performance by Yuriariku, a duo consists of a monkey Riku and his trainer Yuria.


“Monkey Walks on Stilts”


“Stilts Jump” He uses one stilt upside down and pretends to fall down after the trainer said “It is miracle. He could’ve fallen down.”



“Handstand on a Stick”


“Up and Down on Steps with Handstand”


The monkey has been performing for 10 years, and the duo has appeared on a lot of Japanese major TV shows since 2009.

If you are interested to watch their full performance, here is one. Enjoy!



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