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What’s this!? Japanese Marriage Proposal Pressing Set

  It might sound weird to you but the new coinage “soshoku-kei danshi (herbivorous boy)” is a vogue-word now in Japan. It refers a man who is passive towards women.

HEALSIO — Japanese SHARP brand Water Oven

    Sharp’s water oven Healsio (“reducing salt” in Japanese, also refers “Healthy”) series is enable to cook healthy meal by reducing salt and oil at home.  


    UNIQLO is the major Japanese casual wear chain. Wide varieties of items for all generations are available at reasonable price.  

Customized Decorations Popular Among Women in Japan

  Sweets Deco on Cell Phone posted by (C)★パンダマニア★   In the last five years, “deco (customized decoration)” has been popular among teens to 30’s women in Japan. They decorate…

Japanese Traditional Straw mat Healthy Sandal, High-heeled

  This is a Japanese traditional style healthy sandal. The material is straw mat (like “TATAMI”).     This is JAPAN Style!   You should follow me on Twitter HERE….

Japanese Snack — POCKY

    One of the most famous snacks, POCKY, is a pretzel stick coated with chocolate. Not only in Japan, is it sold all over the world. POCKY was produced…

Mottainai! Japanese Portable Chopsticks & Spoon & Fork Set, Bento

    This is a Japanese [W: Mottainai] concept portable chopsticks, spoon, fork set. It is a message from Japan to the world…   Made in JAPAN!   This is…

Organic Supima Purple Cotton Shawl, made in Japan

  This is a Japanese organic supima cotton shawl. This shawl is dyed of the madder.   Made in JAPAN !!!   This is JAPAN Style!   You should follow me on…

Drip Infusion Salon for Health and Beauty in Tokyo

  In stylish shopping areas in Tokyo, there are drip infusion salons named “TENTEKI 10”, where the doctors and the nurses instill the guests depends on their needs.   It’s…

A Pop Star?? Japanese BUDDHA-GIRL

  You know what many 20’s to 30’s Japanese women are into??   Brad Pitt?  Hello Kitty?  Mmm…not quite right!   The answer is Buddha!!   Actually, they are into…

Japanese KIMONO Fabric Multi Strap, Charm

  This is a Japanese KIMONO fabric beautiful strap.   Made in JAPAN!   This is JAPAN Style!   You should follow me on Twitter HERE.   If the eBay…