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[Photoblog] Spring Has Come!?

  Taken at Yakushiji Temple, Nara. Copyright(C) Miki →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

Japan in Ukraine – trace of the Dragon; Part 2

Last time I posted an article written by a guest writer, Mr. Alex Shiroki from Ukraine. He showed us a lot of ‘Japan in Ukraine’! There seems to be something more. Let’s…

Japanese Iron Strap: cherry (sakura)

  This is a handmade (cell phone) strap with Japanese Nanbu Iron plate painted a flower. The flowers are birth flowers, so there are 12 different designs to choose from….

Japanese Candle Sticks Set: sakura (cherry)

  Traditional Japanese candle sticks set. Sakura (cherry) design is so cute! Burnable Time: about 55 minutes. [Special features of the Japanese wax candle]There are two characteristics compare to the…

Winner Announcement for Year-End Giveaway Campaign Part 3!

Since the last month, I’ve been holding giveaway campaign to show my gratitude to dear readers of JAPAN Style. Now, it’s time to announce a winner for Part 3 of…

Year-End Giveaway Campaign Part 3!

  Finally, Christmas is over, and we just have a few days to go before the New Year comes. To show my gratitude toward my dear readers of JAPAN Style,…

Japanese Traditional Towel TENUGUI cloth kendo

  This is a Japanese traditional hand towel “TENUGUI”. Sakura (cherry) designs are so cute! 😛 They are used mainly for hand towel, but you can also use them for…

[Photoblog] Cherry Blossoms in Mitake

It was windy and the weather was not perfect on the day Miki took this picture. So she could not take a picture with nice reflection of the cherry trees…

[Photoblog] Matabee Cherry Tree

This cherry tree is more than 300 years old. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Ishibutai Burial Mound

It has been in the same place in the same shape for 1,400 years. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This is JAPAN Style!

[Photoblog] Afternoon Sunlight

The bell tower in Todaiji Temple with a decoration of the roof of the Colossal Hall of the Great Buddha. Copyright(C) Miki   →Miki’s twitter← (English is OK)   This…