Yearend Cleaning Can be a lot Fun? New Auction App

So Christmas is over now, and all we have to do as Japanese is serious cleaning for a coming new year!  (Argh…)  And this is going to be all today’s article is about!


yearend cleaning

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I assume the harder people work, the more their place becomes in need of cleaning.  And of course, this is yearend, which means that it is almost a year passed after we had a proper serious cleaning last year…  And yearend cleaning is not only for your room and kitchen sink, but also inside your fridge, closet and all unnecessary stuff in your house has to be sorted out!



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But you don’t have to consider this as all tiring and miserable activity anymore because an use of a service called ‘Pasha-Oku’ may change your cleaning duty to a complete fun.

So this ‘Pasha-Oku’ is an social auction service for smartphones.  The difference between normal auctions and this is that it uses smartphone apps, which let you put your items on an auction within 30 seconds at the shortest!  And this app is actually free of charge to download, so you only need a smartphone to carry out ‘damping’ process with a bit of extra income!

This app can be used with an ID of Ameba, Facebook or Twitter, so if you have one of these, you can avoid unnecessary registration process, too.

Also, this auction app has an interesting function called ‘Kari-Oku (literally means temporary auction) ’,which let you put your item on an auction as a trial to see appropriate pricing of the item.

Wow, this is a good function, isn’t it?  With this function, you will never ever underprice/overprice your item again!  Why don’t you enjoy cleaning and finding something to sell at the same time 🙂


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know what is your typical yearend activity in your country  😉


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