Photos of Northeast Japan before the Quake

”Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture”Photo by Yasuhiko Ito

In this post, I want to share some pictures of northeast Japan taken before the quake and tsunami occurred on March 11, wishing that the residents regain their vigor and revive the destroyed towns.

Northeast Japan is called “Tohoku chiho” in Japanese. The dark green area in the map below is the region.

The 9.0-magnitude quake shook almost entire country trembled, but the Pacific Ocean side in Tohoku region, which is near the seismic center and the tsunami-stricken area, is suffering the most especially Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima Prefectures.

In the area, there is one of the three great views of Japan, Matsushima, which is a group of 260 small islands covered in pine trees.
Matsushima Photo by kalleboo
Matsushima Bay Photo by nakae
P1010939 Photo clipvain
松島,新小松好風亭 / New Komatsu, Matsushima - 21 Photo by TotalEclipse

Jodogahama is another scenic area in Miyagi Prefecture, featuring green pine trees, white rocks and ultramarine Ocean.
“Jogogahama in Iwate Prefecture”
Jodo-ga-hama in Miyako Photo by shinkusano

Fishery is a major industry in the Tohoku region.
“Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture.”
気仙沼市場前にて Photo by Yuma Sugawara

“Onagawa port in Miyagi Prefecture”
女川港の夜景 Photo by genpi215

“Onagawa Fish Market”
女川魚市場 Photo by orimo

The region’s specialties are oyster, abalone, turban shell, scallop, and so on. The Japanese’s favorite shellfishes.
”Grilling shellfishes in Matsushima”
Oishii.. Photo by Olis Olois

“A big and juicy oyster from Ofunato in Iwate Prefecture.”
三陸シーファーム Photo by Northern Lights Photo Tung-Yi Chen

Sendai is famous for…
”Sendai Tanabata Matsuri (Star Festival)”
Sendai - Tanabata Matsuri - Fukinagashi (仙台・七夕祭り・吹流し) Photo by YoAndMi

“Beef Tongue Sashimi.” (Tongue of the first grade brand beef.)
IMGP2452 Photo by fujikinoko

“Zunda mochi (mochi covered with edamame paste)”
ずんだ餅 Photo by

It is really heartrending that many lives and beautiful sceneries were taken away after the quake. I wish that the towns get lively and peaceful again.