Wasabi Stories vol.5: “Whatever” Leads To Your Ruin !?



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“Whatever” Leads To Your Ruin !?

Today’s story teller is a professional golfer Sumiko Kiyomoto, who now trains the younger golfers and is famous as the trainer of a Japanese eminent player, [W:Yuri Fudoh].

According to Kiyomoto, golf is a “thinking game”.


Although the game takes hours of times, a player holds a club and swings only for a few minutes.

What a player does in the most of the other time is thinking.

Kiyomoto believes that “thinking” is particularly important in playing golf, so when she trains her students, she gets them into the habit of thinking.

For example, they start with setting a goal. First, they set 10 years goal, and gradually shorten the span as 3 years and then 1 year.

The students set their goals by them selves, and she never tells them what they should set as a goal because if she does that, her students will get a way of escape; they say “my teacher decided so”.

Teaching how to decide and act (practice) by oneself is the first thing to do to grow her students’ “independency”.

Koyomoto tells her students to turn on “thinking habit” in their daily lives.

When a player faced trouble during a game, how can he or she copes it without thinking rationally?

If one doesn’t have habit of thinking, one will be in panic rather than making one’s mind rationally.

Kiyomoto says “When I go eat with my students, I always ask them “what do you want to have?” I don’t accept “whatever” for the answer. These small decisions make their golf games.”

The NIKKEI Feb/19/2009 by Sumiko Kiyomoto (professional golfer)


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