Japanese Personalized Bottle Engraver, Yorie HATAKEYAMA


The other day, I got acquainted with a bottle engraver, who customizes a bottle by engraving names and designs.

Her name is Miss Yorie HATAKEYAMA .


I think it’s an unusual job, and there are not so many bottle engravers in the world.

Her works were all engraved by her hand, NOT printed!!


Check these out!


Photo 1

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 3

Photo4: Personalized Engraved Chopsticks

Photo 4



Photo 1: Swarovski Embedded Bottle. This is the most popular work at Miss HATAKEYAMA’s shop.

Photo 2:
Photo Etched Shochu Bottle. A Face is etched on a bottle of a clear distilled liquor called shochu. It looks cool!

Photo 3: Car (Nissan Sylvia) Photo Etched Glass. It’s was an order from a customer who wanted his own car to be etched on a glass. After it was done, he got thanks letter from the customer.

Photo 4: Personalized Engraved Chopsticks. She engraved them for her friend in a foreign country. After etching, colored them with gold and coated over them.



What do you think?

It can be said to anything but by engraving names or photos, you can make your own thing that exists only one in the world.

Because any alphabets, kanji, symbols or photos can be engraved, design variations are limitless!

Some people will really get into it ♪

Her works are well made just like other Japanese crafts.

It will be a perfect gift, and anyone who received it will be happy!

For your family and friends’ special occasion, how about a personalized bottle?

To know what’s like to be a bottle engraver, I interviewed Miss HATAKEYAMA.

Q1: What made you become a bottle engraver?
I was doing web marketing 4 years ago but while promoting online stores, I started thinking “I want buy a stuff like this, I want a service like that…what if I make something out of nothing to launch into market”

Since I always liked crafting, I decided to engrave for living.


Q2: What is the number 1 item at your store?
Swarovski Embedded Bottles are popular all year round.

Message bottles (like in the picture below) and personalized glass are also popular.


Message bottles.


It’s for a celebration for someone’s grandmother’s birthday. It says “Grandma, Keep well forever.”


Q3: Can you engrave any kind of bottles?
Unless the surface is bumpy, I can basically engrave any smooth surfaced bottles or glass.

Because engraving smoked glass is risky, some designs won’t be accepted for smoked glass.


By the way, Miss HATAKEYAMA is beautiful just like her works are ♪

See her photo on her BLOG (Japanese)  (^_^)

If you are interested in her works, please contact her through her blog or JAPAN Style !


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