Wasabi Stories vol.206: “Life is a Fight Against Myself”


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“Life is a Fight Against Myself”

Today’s story-teller is judoist [W:Yasuhiro Yamashita].

Firstly, Yamashita begins with a story about when he was about the fourth grade, when he started doing [W:judo].

He had been a big guy from back then, and he used to act up and break things in the classroom. Too scared to be around him, there were a few students who cut school.

He acted just like that till he started junior high school. Being not able to stand watching, his parents started taking him to a training hall to practice judo.


After he entered a junior high school known for judo in Kumamoto, he met his great teacher, Shiraishi.

Yamashita says that Shiraishi taught him not only judo techniques but also an attitude as a person.

What he remembers best is “Be the winner in life”, which Shiraishi told him.

Shiraishi meant that the remaining life after retire from judo is much longer than your judo career, and only one person can become a winner in judo championship, but anyone can become the winner in life.

Shiraishi’s words made him think that he has to become a help in the society.


Meanwhile, at present, Yamashita is involved in activities through judo. He is taking an active role to teach how to prevent bullying to school teachers.

There were some kids who cut school because they were scared of being near Yamashita. But thanks to Shiraishi, he could become a caring person.


Yamashita says, “I acquired strength and I have no parallel in doing judo. Now I came to the important point to become a winner in life. I will try not to forget to take a humble attitude and be grateful to others in order to become a winner in life.”


The NIKKEI 02/12/2010 by Yasuhiro Yamashita (judoist)



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