Year-End Giveaway Campaign Part 4! – Evangelion iPhone Jacket

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So, we are finally having New Year Eve!!  And there’re a few hours left to greet the New Year (well, due to the time difference, some of you may have almost one day to go yet).

To show my gratitude toward my dear readers of JAPAN Style, I have been holding Year-End giveaway campaign since last week, and here comes part 4 (the last one)!

The prize for this time is an item related to my favorite Japanese animation, ‘Evangelion’, which is ’Evangelion iPhone jacket’.


Evangelion iPhone jacket


It is a polycarbonate protective cover to be attached to the back of iPhone, and it is convertible case for both iPhone 4 and 4S.

If you are an Evangelion fan and iPhone user, it’s something you couldn’t miss.

In Japan, Evangelion’s new movie is due this autumn 2012, which I’m very looking forward to! ^_^


By the way, how much this iPhone jacket costs, you think?


As our ebay store is selling this item, please go and find the details about this item from the link!


One lucky winner selected will receive this iPhone jacket!


Conditions to apply for this campaign are as follows;

* Please answer ebay ID (account name) of JAPAN Style.

* Sorry for residents in Japan but this is for those who are not living in Japan only.


Too lazy to find out the answer?  No worries!  Just click the following link, and you’ll find ebay ID of JAPAN Style straight away!


Click HERE! >>> ebay


Did you manage to visit our online Japanese goods store?

OK, so here is the end of introduction!  Please fill all information requested below, and apply for this giveaway campaign from ‘application form’.


To apply for this campaign, write the followings and send through the URL below.

1. Your name
2. Gender
3. Nationality
4. Email address
5. Shipping address
6. The name of the prize and the answer (JAPAN Style’s ebay ID)
7. Comments on Japan Style (if any)


Application URL:


I look forward to receiving your application!  Good luck!

The winner will be announced on 7th January 2012! 😉


This is JAPAN Style!