Home Phone? Actually it’s a…



This coming autumn and winter, a Japanese PHS communication company Willcom release a variety of new phones. Look at the lineup of colorful and cool phones.

Wait. Do you see something odd? At the lower right you can see one home phone among all of these mobile phones.



This product is called “Ie-Denwa“. In Japanese, Ie means “home”, and denwa is “phone”.

You might say, “What’s the big idea? Why is the home phone displayed with mobile phones?” Well, it’s because Ie-Denwa actually is a MOBILE phone! 😯


Can you believe it?


It’s quite amazing but not a joke. The power source of Ie-Denwa is an AC adapter, but AA batteries (x 4) also can be used. It means Ie-Denwa works even under disaster emergency situations (great!), and also can be taken out  with you (if you want LOL). And Ie-Denwa has big number buttons and a large display, so it is easy to use even for elderly people and children.

I think it’s an epoch-making idea! In Japan, establishing home phone service is kind of complicated, but Ie-Denwa can make things much easier. Of course, Willcom’s reasonable mobile phone fee plans will apply. And if someday Willcom makes a “cordless type home phone looking mobile phone”  (too long ^^; haha), you could really take it out with you 😛


Source: Rocket News 24


This is JAPAN Style!