Time Bomb Alarm – Unplug a Cord to Turn Off!!!


Tic tic tic tic… “Oh my god! It is a time bomb!”

Don’t worry, it is just an alarm clock. In action films it is a cliché scene where a hero finds a time bomb and cannot decide which colored cord to cut to turn it off.

This alarm clock wakes you up while letting you experience the thrilling scene. If you don’t unplug the right colored cord by the time you set to go off, it makes loud sound of an explosion.

It starts countdown since three minutes before the set time, and the light of the color you suppose to unplug starts blinking.



The cord you unplug changes everyday randomly.

With this time bomb clock, you can wake up sharply in the morning, and also you can get prepared for in case you meet a real time bomb situation.





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