Touchscreen Vending Machine Advises You What to Get

The new vending machine appeared in Tokyo Station is a new generation vending machine that advises you what to get by looking at your face.


Image by edo787ak

Image by kyakusya25


The touchscreen vending machine has a sensor which detects the consumer’s age and sex. The machine also considers the season, time and environment by stored data and automatically picks 3 to 5 recommended drinks for the consumer.

For example, for a man in his thirties it recommends black coffee or less sweetened coffee in a morning and vitamin drinks in a night.

For the payment, you can use cash or smart cards such as [W:Suica] and [W:PASMO].



Up to now, seven new vending machines were established at Tokyo Station and Shinagawa Station. By March 2011, 100 of them will be established around Tokyo, and 400 will be established by March 2012.


Source: Tokyo Walker Dec/11/2010


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