Japanese Vending Machines

In Japan, vending machines are everywhere!

Not only beverages but also tobaccos, soups, snacks, ice creams, are sold in vending machines.

The picture [1] is a typical vending machine.

You can see the hot drinks on the bottom and cold drinks on the top and middle rows.

There are hot/cold tea, hot/cold coffee, vegetable juice, corn soup, hot lemon juice, and so on.

The harmless stuff like beverages besides alcohol and snacks are available for everyone but tobaccos and alcohol are limited for the age of over 20.

To buy tobaccos from vending machines, you need “taspo”, the card to proof that you are over 20.

You can prepaid and charge electronic money on taspo, so you don’t need cash to buy tobaccos.

Some alcohol vending machines are installed Facial Recognition System but mostly you need to insert your driver’s license to use.

This is JAPAN Style!


Japanese vending machine 2

Japanese vending machine 2 Originally uploaded by luthor522