Best Invention for Business Men in Summer? Tie Made of Towel

The pains of being Japanese business men can be long overtime hours and no flexible holiday planning.  But I guess putting on tie and suits in summer must be on the top list (><)  Today, I am going to write about new business man’s essential during summer time.



It is now September, but it does not mean that this is the end of summer heat in Japan.  Cool biz is getting more and more common in Japan from the viewpoint of being environmental friendly and cutting down energy consumption.  Under this movement, more and more companies nowadays allow their workers to work without tie in office during summer, but of course, sometimes it is ideal to wear tie when you have an important meeting, etc.

But here is the new product, which will possibly save many of Japanese business men in summer; a tie made of towel!

This towel tie does not use just an ordinary type of towel, but Imabari towel, which is quality brand towel of Ehime prefecture!  According to the article, this tie is not only as light as 25g, but also uses quality towel, which is used by luxury hotels of Japan.  I am sure this light weight and texture of the towel will definitely makes wearing tie a bit more comfortable in summer??


I don’t have actual towel tie picture to share, but here is the image of Imabari towel.


"Norio.NAKAYAMA" some rights reserved. flickr


A little bit subdued, classic colours look good, doesn’t it?  I think those colours suit working clothes 🙂

Normal towel looking tie may be a bit too casual for work, but I believe Imabaru towel can still keep certain formality.

I hope this products will help not only Japanese business men but also business man of overseas in hot climate areas!


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