Videos: Cute Dogs in Japan


I think many of you have dogs. They are so interesting and it never gets boring to watch them. Today, I want to share some dog videos found Japanese blog or TV.


First one is “Cabbage Lover Dogs.” Japanese Shiba dogs are munching on a cabbage in a field.



Doesn’t it make you want to eat cabbage? They should be in a cabbage commercial (if there is such thing).


The next video is “Bear like Dog.” The black male Pomeranian named Birth sits looks and sits like a bear. He rather talks than barks.



He has performed some trick on TV shows. So he is kind of popular. When he goes to town, he gets surrounded by crowds.


The last one is “Dog in Sleeve.” A female Miniature Dachshund, Miss Miruko got into a sleeve. It is funny when she finds and eats treats.



She is swinging her tail like she is so excited! I wonder why she tried that in the first place.


This is JAPAN Style!



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