Night Running Popular among Women in Japan


In Japan, night running has been popular since a couple years ago, especially among women. One of the reasons is because they don’t have to worry about suntan (many Japanese women prefer to have fair skin).

Running outside at night may sound dangerous, but we have lot of lights in cities and there are people outside till late time, so as long as you run with a group of people, it is safe. Not to mention, Japan is still considered to be one of the safest countries.

The popular running courses are, around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, and the Osaka Castle Park in Osaka. Both have wide streets and nice view.


“Street near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo”

Photo by あおぞら


In Tokyo, a night marathon competition was held early this month and about 2,000 runners joined to run 10 km around Tokyo bay. There were more female runners compare to other daytime marathon competitions.

Another popular marathon among women, for example, is a vacation marathon which the runners stay at a resort area and enjoy shopping, spa, and local specialty food in addition to marathon.

Speaking of marathon, JAPAN Style shared a report of a blogger who missed the last train and ran about 42 km to his home in Tokyo. It is crazy! 😯


Source: Sankei Oct/16/2010


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