Valentine’s Sweet Idea Using “Pocky” Chocolate Covered Biscuit Stick

Four weeks to Valentine’s Day! In Japan, it is a day when women give chocolates to men. But in recent years, it is also common that women give chocolate to girlfriends, which is called “tomo choco” meaning “friends’ chocolate” and usually casual store bought or semi-homemade sweets.

There are many semi-homemade sweets recipes for Valentine’s found online. Let me share this easy recipe using Pocky, a chocolate covered biscuit stick. It is very classic and popular in Japan and sold internationally (You may find it at oriental stores or oriental section where seaweeds and soy sauce are in a supermarket).



“Decorated Pocky” (See the video below)

You need: Pocky, tube icing, and several kinds of sprinkles.

1: Glue Pocky sticks together with icing (put icing only on the chocolate).

2: Make sure the sticks are nicely glued before you start decorating.

3: Just play with your creativity!




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