Human Letters Version Two: Japanese Katakana

A little early season’s greetings with the human alphabet (^^;


Did you enjoy last time’s post? Maybe you couldn’t wait for the new post (^^)!

Now she is trying to shape Japanese katakana letters. Katakana has more complicated shapes, so it’s more challenging.


She is becoming “ア”. It seems quite difficult…


What’ this!? She is working on “ケ”.
Can you tell?


Oh! Watch out!! The floor is slippery.


She falls down after this shot (T_T).


And she finally decides to take her socks off when she becomes an acrobatic katakana letter.
By the way, she is trying to be “テ” in the photo above.
I can’t see any “テ”, though (^^;


OK. Thank you for waiting. Let’s see the complete version of the katakana letters! This is very useful and a must-see for Japanese learners (Maybe)!


ア [a]                       イ[i]                ウ[u]


エ [e]                       オ[o]                カ[ka]


キ[ki]                        ク[ku]               ケ[ke]


コ[ko]                       サ[sa]                シ[shi]


ス[su]                        セ[se]               ソ[so]


タ[ta]                        チ[chi]                ツ[tsu]


テ[te]                        ト[to]                ナ[na]


ニ[ni]                        ヌ[nu]               ネ[ne]


ノ[no]                        ハ[ha]               ヒ[hi]


フ[fu]                        ヘ[he]               ホ[ho]


マ[ma]                        ミ[mi]               ム[mu]


メ[me]                         モ[mo]               ヤ[ya]


ユ[yu]                        ヨ[yo]               ラ[ra]


リ[ri]                        ル[ru]               レ[re]


ロ[ro]                       ワ[wa]              ヲ[wo]




Some letters are kind of difficult to read, but still, these are all beautiful. Don’t you think so!? She expresses the tiny differences between “ツ&シ” and “ソ&ン” very well. And I love “ヌ”!


Well, let me make a word with the human katakana to end this post.


サヨナラ[sayonara] = good bye (^^)


Source: Daily Portal Z

This is JAPAN Style!



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