Tiny Tiny Playgrounds in Tokyo

As you know, Tokyo is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. A lot of people live on a limited amount of land. As well as homes, we have to build offices, schools and even parks and playgrounds. Today, I would like to introduce some especially tiny playgrounds in Tokyo.


1) A playground in Minato word


The bee and ladybug shaped equipment are so kawaii (^^).
Let’s go and see closer.


Wow! The slide is so low!!
Only two steps!? Maybe it is only for toddlers.


This trumpet-shaped watering place is also very low.
You will get a backache (^^;


This park is surely small but still looks nice because this neighborhood is kind of for upper-class residents.


2) A playground in Fuchu city


This playground is much smaller than the previous one!


It is just like a parking space for a car. The hedge seems very big in comparison to the size of  the playground. Simple fences should have been used to allow more space…


Here you go!


Try the iron bars and the slide, feeling like a child. It takes only 12 seconds to enjoy all the equipment in this playground(^^;


3) A playground(!?) in Setagaya word


The entrance.


Everyone expects to find a playground up there because the sign says so. However…


What you see after stepping up the stairs are stairs again!


And some stones and plants.


It is very difficult for kids to play here… Is this really a playground? Yes, it is. Because the sign says so.


There is something more. Let’s go take a look.


There is the same sign insisting that this is a playground.
Hopefully it will be a real playground this time.


What (x_X)!?  Say “just joking”!!


Oh, there is a path.
Maybe the playground is over here.


Oh my god (T_T)



Who can call this a playground!? This is no longer a matter of the size. The reason why Setagaya word authorized this space as a playground is shrouded in mystery….


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!



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