Japanese Pattern Printed Surgical Masks

In Japan, depending on season and time, you see many people wearing masks to prevent pollen or flu. In the past post “Fighting against Pollen in Japan,” I showed you some masks and other items for pollen allergy prevention.

Not only plain white masks, there are also colored and printed masks available in the market, although I had never seen Japanese pattern printed masks like these before.




Japanese mask

Japanese mask


These designs match kimono! The variations include ichimatsu (checkerboard), cherry blossoms, rabbits, nadeshiko (dianthus), leaves of hemp, camellia, and chrysanthemum. Which one do you like?

They are made of gauze, so the texture is soft and you can wash it.

They are sold by a Japanese miscellaneous store, Kyoto Kurochiku at 420 to 525 yen (about US$4-5).


Source: Ruriiro Tradition



This is JAPAN Style!


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