Very Best Ingredients Wanted! New Okonomiyaki Project Launched

When we talk about authentic Japanese fast food, we must not forget about Okonomiyaki although ramen seems to be more famous (no offense!).  Today, I found an article about new Osaka project on Okonomiyaki to share with you.

Yes, as many of you may know, Okonomiyaki is a specialty food of Kansai region.  One with pork or/and squid is the typical okonomiyaki, and this is what majority of people enjoy nationwide.  But it seems Osaka Teppan Meeting (or Osaka Hotplate Food Meeting) is set up to create new specialty okonomiyaki in Osaka, and they recently launched a project to look for specialty ingredients of other regions so that Osaka can create new okonomiyaki in collaboration with other regions.


Japanese okonomiyaki

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Wow, okonomiyaki has already been nice and tasty enough, but if the ingredients are carefully selected with a help of other reagions to make even better okonomiyaki, it’s going to be far more tastier than now…??  Ah, I can’t wait~♪

When the project launching was announced last month, some okonomiyaki chefs revealed new okonomiyaki, using petite tomatoes, which were chosen as a theme for pre-development.  Of course, some lucky people (not me 🙁 ) were entitled to try those tomato okonomiyaki at the venue.


Hmn, what do you think about the combination of tomato and okonomiyaki??  It seems to be a bit too radical to image for me…(+_+)

Anyway, for this tomatoes themed okonomiyaki, following combinations were available at the venue; pork & tomatoes; potatoes, special pork & tomatoes; tomatoes & cheese etc.


mini tomato

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Hmn…, sounds like pizza to me?  I just can’t imagine how okonomiyaki with tomatoes will taste like at all…(- -;) But if this is created by professional Osaka okonomiyaki chef, it could possibly bring impressive harmony with other ingredients???  (cross fingers…!)  Anyway, I would definitely like to keep an eye on this new Osaka specialty project!


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know about your okonomiyaki experience in Japan, or other flour involved food (pizza etc.) of your country!  😉


Source: Walker Plus


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