iPhone App Helps Prevent Falling Asleep at the Wheel

I would like to introduce newly-developed iPhone application to help avoid falling asleep at the wheel. This app was developed by a research group of a university in Japan.


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When your head moves, a part to maintain balance controls your eye position in order to stabilize your gaze. A professor in the research team focused on this balance controlling function, which tends to be weakened when drowsy. He had been researching on the relevant eye movement since 2006, and succeeded to catch a warning sign of heavy drowsiness.

Utilizing this sign, the research team developed iPhone application helps avoid falling asleep, which will be distributed from next spring. According to the article, this application is expected to avoid drowsy driving with alarm when placed in front of driver’s seat, and the research team is now working on developing the same app for smartphone.


What do you think about t?


Well, it is always better not to drive when sleepy, but iPhone does sound fun with various apps ranging from healthcare app to one tells you when your laundry is done.  As a smartphone user, I will be looking forward to anti-drowy driving app for smartphone and seeing how it works (*^_^*)




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